Acne Prevention: 8 Simple Acne Prevention Tips

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A healthy glowing skin free of blemishes is crucial to one s social life, especially in the life of young adolescents. Thus, acne is oftentimes considered a curse that one may bring even until adult years. And though acne cannot be totally prevented or avoided, here are some precautions that can actually help minimize, if not prevent, the outbreaks of acne.

1. Make-up

Though there had been no scientific evidence that supports the theory that make-up can cause acne, it is still necessary to avoid cosmetic products, which are oil based, or those products containing isopropyl myristate, lanolins, laureth-4, D & C red dyes and sodium lauryl sulphate. It is much safer to use nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic . Also, it is recommended to avoid wearing too much make-up.

2. Facial Washing

Before retiring to bed, it is best to thoroughly wash the make-up off the face to avoid clogging of pores. Harsh or vigorous washing or rubbing of the face should also be avoided. Instead, it is best to gently wash the face with water and mild soap twice daily, rinse the skin thoroughly and gently pat it to dry.

3. Pillows, Facecloths, and Cosmetic Brushes

Because pillows can come in contact with the face during sleep, it is advisable to use clean pillowcases. Also, face towels should be washed and kept clean. Using dirty washcloths and pillowcases can harbor germs and bacteria that can cause skin infection and acne outbreaks. For the same principle, cosmetic brushes should also be cleaned regularly with soap and water.


4. Pimples/Blackheads

A pimple is an inflamed lesion, and picking, squeezing, or popping the pimples out will only aggravate the inflammation. Thus, it is best to leave the pimples alone because grave inflammation could also lead to skin infection and may eventually leave scars on the face. However, there is one kind of pimple that you can get rid off by gentle squeezing, that is the one with a small yellow pus head in the center. Popping the pus out will allow the faster healing of the pimple. Blackheads can also be rectified with gentle squeezing.

5. Sun Exposure

It is believed by many that tanning or sunbathing can cure acne. But the fact is, the skin should be protected from too much exposure to the sun as it can only aggravate the drying of the skin. Exposure to the sun while under certain acne medications may bring about unwanted side effects.

6. Exercise

Regular exercise promotes stress reduction and enhances blood circulation, as well as increasing oxygen supply to the skin, thus aiding in the prevention of acne.

7. Water

Drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily has always been a good detoxifying agent to the body, which is also a great help in preventing the occurrence of acne.

8. Treatment

Use acne medications one at a time because mixing it together may cause adverse effects. Also, acne medication should be applied about half an inch beyond the inflamed area to keep it from spreading.

The precautions and practices mentioned, when followed correctly, can be a great help in preventing, as well as controlling, the dreadful acne.

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