Remodeling Your Basement To Create The Perfect Man Cave

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Guys, have you ever wanted a space in your home to call your own? A place you can decorate without your spouse complaining about how the d cor clashes with another room s and where you can escape when you need a break? If so you re not alone; many men have started creating their own man caves where they have the freedom to express themselves and create the ideal room for all their interests. However, wanting your own space in the main living area of the home can sometimes be impractical, especially with a family, so instead you may want to consider remodeling your basement to create this area instead.

Basement remodeling is a relatively inexpensive home improvement project that adds livable space to your home, and can actually improve your home s resale value when done properly. Generally the process is done using traditional drywall and lumber, but over the years many companies have built specialized basement finishing systems that are designed to install quickly and hold up better in damp basement environments. Both traditional basement finishing and finishing systems have their strengths and weaknesses, so you may want to consider consulting a basement contractor to ensure you re getting a system that s right for you.

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Once you ve prepared the space for your new basement man cave, it s time to start considering how you want to decorate. Remember that depending on the materials you used the weight of the items you include may be a significant factor. Also to preserve the value that the room adds, it s smart to ensure that any features be flexible in use. For example, while you can stain the concrete floor of your man cave with the logo of your favorite sports team, you may need to cover it up or refinish the floor to make it appealing to a potential home buyer.

This isn t to say you can t have fun and install some truly remarkable items in your man cave. For example, the natural darkness of the basement makes it the perfect place to enjoy TV, sporting events and movies. Rather than a traditional flat screen, you may want to install a projector instead. Including the cost of a screen or wall coating, these systems can often cost far less than a smaller television while providing a clearer picture. If you happen to be an outdoorsman, your man cave is a great place to display the trophies and photos from your hunting or finishing expeditions. You can set up a workbench for cleaning guns, an ammo press, fly tying equipment and maybe even a small shower area you can use to wash down equipment.

These ideas may not be right for everyone, but the point of a man cave is to reflect your unique style. Think about all of the things you love to do and how you can incorporate decorations and useful tools related to them in this space. With some time, hard work and perhaps the assistance of professional basement remodelers, this new man cave will soon be your favorite room in your home.

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