Commercial Metal Outdoor Park And Recreation Equipment

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By Patricia Holland

XPB Locker carries a full inventory of commercial metal outdoor park and recreation equipment. Seating accommodations are available in the form of picnic tables and benches. Essential sanitation can be maintained through commercial waste receptacles that offer a variety of functional and aesthetic features for different environments. Outdoor grills allow many different types of organizations to drastically reduce the risk of fires.

Many organizations besides parks now use outdoor grills to provide cooking facilities to recreational enthusiasts. These grills feature new safety features that minimize the risk of fire hazard. Some are rated safe to use with large numbers of children around. Far more than just a park amenity, they are now being used everywhere from apartment complexes, housing complex outdoor civic center areas, and large corporate campuses where company outdoor events are routinely held during the warm months.

Picnic tables represent perhaps the most dynamic category of commercial metal outdoor park and recreation equipment we sell. Tables provide people with two very important amenities. First, they provide people with a comfortable surface area on which to write, work on a laptop, have a drink, and, of course, eat. Secondly, they provide a comfortable place to sit. Picnic tables come in many different styles, sizes, and colors. They can work with every conceivable landscape, ranging from the purely natural, to the ultra contemporary.


One of the greatest benefits that picnic tables offer is their ability to effectively accommodate both low traffic and high traffic areas. Smaller organizations that have very little room for a public seating area can use a few tables with built-in benches to provide rest and seating areas to visitors. Very large areas, such as those found at outdoor malls and theme parks, can be filled with dozens of tables to accommodate hundreds of people at a time.

Metal outdoor benches represent another very important category of commercial metal outdoor park and recreation equipment. These benches are found everywhere from nature parks to municipal sidewalks to school campuses and corporate break areas. They are made from strong, galvanized steel that resists corrosion with an amazing performance factor. Customization options allow for companies, schools, cities, and municipalities to engrave logos, commemorative memorials, or brands on the back rest of the bench. Multiple style and color options allow them to be matched to any style of surrounding landscape or building architecture.

Any organization willing to invest in commercial metal outdoor park and recreation equipment must also consider the need to keep the surrounding property as clean as possible. We have special commercial waste receptacles that are far more than outdoor trash cans. These newer lines of waste management products feature stylish designs, a broad spectrum of primary and special colors, and customization options that include lettering to advertise brands and logos.

All of these last three categories of commercial metal outdoor park and recreation equipment feature a superior resistance to the elements and vandalism. A special coating called Thermostat is applied to a galvanized steel base. This coating is precolored at the factory and requires no repainting. It is so resilient that extreme, deliberate force is required to cut through its mass to the metal beneath. However, if it is vandalized, it can be easily repaired with a heat gun, which will melt the cut edges and reseal the gap without the need to call for special repair services.

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