Dealing With Different Types Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

By Ashish Jain

For every woman, pregnancy is a beautiful time period. Giving birth to a new life opens up a new chapter in her life. She feels complete and that makes her life even more meaningful to her. A woman feels so much elated with this new experience that she is able to overcome all the pain and changes happening to her body.

Well, these changes could be positive as well as negative. And it is duty of every person connected with the expecting mother to make her pregnancy period most comfortable. The most common discomfort she goes through is that of pain in her back. In some women, the pain is a constant feature during the whole length of pregnancy, while in others the pain can be impulsive. The intensity of back pain also varies in all women. For the acute sufferers, the pain is usually unbearable.

As the fetus starts to grow in the mother’s womb, the over-all weight of the woman’s body increases. As the weight increases, it gets an uneven distribution around the abdomen carrying the womb. This is a known fact that it is your back bone that supports your whole body weight. With this increasing weight, extra pressure is put on the back bone. And it becomes a little difficult for the back bone to bear it. All these developments, at last lead to back pain.

Besides this, the abdominal muscles of a pregnant woman also get stretched. This affects the muscles present around the spinal cord. As the centre of gravity of a woman changes, the muscles around the abdominal area try to keep a proper balance. In doing so, they work extra load. This leads to muscle fatigue in the back.


The back pains talked about in the above paragraphs are the ones that a woman suffers in length during her pregnancy. But there is another type of pain, which is usually encountered when a woman nears her due date. The pain in the back is very intense at this point of time.

But, there is nothing to panic about. You can always deal with back pain during pregnancy. There is something very easy that you can start with. All you need to do is to consult a good gynecologist who will guide you through a pleasant pregnancy. More the number of doctors you consult, the more confused you will get. So the best advice remains to follow the recommendations of a single doctor, because all doctors have different theories about effectively combating back pain during pregnancy.

Most of the doctors will prescribe you the use of the belly belt that will effectively support your increasing weight. Besides this, following a good set of exercise is the best treatment to cure back pain during pregnancy. The exercises to be followed should ideally be of low intensity. These exercises work in the direction of strengthening your back muscles. Any good doctor will generally advice you to refrain from binging into medicines, as the chemicals present in them can prove to be harmful for your growing fetus.

So, follow the advice of your doctor and have a comfortable pregnancy.

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