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Dental implants are small structures made of metal and are placed into the jawbone into the gums. Dental implants are the place where replaced teeth are put into. Dental implants are suitable for all age groups. They do not affect the overall health of the person undergoing the procedure. In this article, well discuss a few important points on using dental implants.

Dental implants are the right choice people with missing tooth/teeth with normal oral health, those who have lost teeth/teeth because of an accident, gum disease, or endodontic failure.

What the procedure is all about?

Placing dental implants is multiple stages. The whole procedure might last six to nine month. Of course, it is a long tedious course, but ultimately you’ll get good oral health, and will get new bone mass. The procedure involves these stages: First, the dental implant is placed in the jaw bone, and then is allowed to heal. The healing process may last a few months. Once healed, an abutment is placed after which the implant crown is placed.

It is important to consider how to take proper care of the implants by following steps. These are important. The first thing you need to know is if at all you need dental implants. For this, you’re advised to consult a dental important specialist. The cost of getting them differs from service provided to service provided.


Dental implants are advantageous as compared to other methods. They enhance the look of the wearer. You may not be able recognize that it is not a real tooth. All this is possible due to the expert skills of the surgeon. Therefore, it’s important for you to go to a professional expert.


As the dental implant is firmly fixed, there is no fear that they may come out and create an embarrassing situation for you. Thus you can enhance your confidence when you’re at a social gathering.


Dental implants are an economical option for even if you undergo the procedure for a single or multiple teeth. In the long run, they cost effective because of the enhanced benefits they bring.

Health implications

You can ensure better oral health when compared to other options. The implants bind with your jawbone. Implants obviate the disadvantages of dentures such as slippage. Significantly, it boosts healthy bone building.

As opposed to this, you may suffer loss of bone over time if you use dentures and other options. Thus, dental implants bring positive effect on the overall health of the person.


Dental implants bring you multiple advantages such enhances aesthetic look, tooth saving enhancing your look, and are safe and reliable.


Before deciding to undergo the surgical procedure, get answer to these questions.

Do I need a pleasant smile?

Dental implants function as if they were real teeth as opposed to other methods which cause inconvenience in smiling, eating and talking.

Do you need a smile that is easy?

You can bite things naturally, you can brush normally and you do not need of cleaning as it is in case of dentures.

Do you need to smile without embarrassing yourself?

Once placed, they stay for a long time. The do not shift or click.

If your answer is yes for one or more questions, dental implants are the right option for you.

About the Author: Dr. Vikas Gowd has more than 16yrs of experience in Prosthodontics and dental implants, his having undergone training internationally in Europe and America in advanced implant grafting procedures, esthetics and cad cam dentistry Hyderabad. If you are looking for dental clinic Hyderabad, visit our site



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