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Submitted by: Chris Henry

The tea is actually not just a marketing product in India; it has actually earned the respect and the especial place in heart of the people. Every morning the person gets up and goes directly to the kitchen and makes a hot cup of tea for himself. Not only that, whenever the person tensed or quite stressed up, the tea is the one which actually helps in making mind fresh and going back to the work. There are many more situations where tea has played important role and cannot be forgotten.

Few people say that the tea usage is harmful for health. But this is actually the half truth; excess of tea intake is harmful for health. However, excess of anything is harmful and this is basically just a tea, which actually causes nothing major injury to the body. Though people say that tea is addicted, but I would say that tea is actually the major important part of life without which we cannot carry out our work. The organic tea bags are available in the market these days, which is one of the high selling tea type found in the market these days. The term organic actually refers to the way of growing the tea. The tea are grown without the use of any harmful pesticides or chemicals and this tea are the best selling all due to its great properties and inbuilt in its growing techniques. The organic tea bags that are available in the market are being from the lands of Darjeeling, Nepal, China, and also the Greenland. However, the people are not just taking it for the sake of taste, they are including it as a source of medication and the effects seeing are also quick and appreciable.


The organic tea is in demand these days, and the demand is increasing rapidly after the doctors started including the tea in their prescription. Thus, the green tea packaging then included the heavy monthly pack in it. The main intention was that the people can consume it through out the month and take the best use out of it. The people not only enjoy its fresh taste but also take out the best enriched out of it. However, the other sorts of tea that are available in the market are also being used on a large scale. The tea production and selling is huge in India, but after the introduction of the organic tea in the market the selling and production reached the higher level and not only that, it crossed all the boundaries and the flavor reached the foreign boundaries also.

The year is barely a couple of months old, yet it has already witnessed several studies and reviews confirming long-held assumptions about the positive effects of tea drinking. Green tea drinkers were shown to suffer less from functional disabilities in performing everyday tasks like bathing or dressing. Interpreting these results in the context of West s aging population shows how much potential the beverage may have as a healthy and cost-effective alternative (or supplement) to traditional medication.

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