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HCA stimulates fat-burning, and curb appetite has been done with animals. Studies with rats are one thing, but what about experiments with people like you and me?

The promise of HCA demonstrated in animal experiments naturally led to human studies. In one early study of obese men, a dose of 800 mg daily resulted in an average weight loss of 3.5 pounds in just one week.

More recently, Anthony Conte, M.D., a bariatrician (a physician who specializes in the treatment of obesity and diseases related to it), conducted three clinical evaluations of HCA, which were published in the booklet Citrin The Revolutionary, Herbal Approach to Weight Management. In each study, participants ate a low-fat, low-sugar, low-sodium diet and were encouraged to follow a sensible daily exercise program such as walking in addition to supplementation with HCA.

In the first study (conducted in 1991), fifty-four people participated. During an 8-week period, thirty participants took Lipodex-2 (a supplement containing 500 mg of HCA and niacin-bound chromium) three times a day, prior to each meal. The other twenty-four participants took a sugar-pill placebo prior to each meal.


The volunteers who supplemented with Lipodex-2 lost an average of 11.1 pounds per person, while those in the placebo group lost 4.2 pounds per person. Dr. Conte noted that the Lipodex-2 group stuck to their diets better than the placebo group did, and had higher energy levels and diminished cravings for sweets.

Conducted in 1993, the second study (also 8 weeks long) compared the weight loss effects of Actotherm (a supplement not formulated with HCA), combination therapy with Actotherm and Lipotrol (which contains Citrin, a patented form of HCA), and supplementation with Lipotrol alone. A total of ninety-three people completed the study. Here’s the summary of how they fared: Supplementing with Lipotrol alone produced an average weight loss of 11.48 pounds per person (twenty-nine participants); combination therapy (Actotherm and Lipotrol), 9.52 pounds per person (thirty-five participants); and Actotherm, 6.65 pounds per person (twenty-nine subjects).

Conte’s third study (conducted in 1994) enlisted seventy-five volunteers (sixty men and fifteen women), ranging in age from 21 to 65 years, and weighing from 135 to 253 pounds. Before each meal, they took a supplement formulated with 250 mg of HCA (Citrin) and 100 meg of chromium picolinate. Although the volunteers were reasonably healthy, 74 percent had abnormally high levels of blood fats (cholesterol and triglyc-erides), and 53 percent were Oil prcsciiplicm medications for cither elevated blood fats or being overweight.

After 8 weeks on the program, forty-two people who completed the study lost an average of 10.8 pounds per person. Of those volunteers, eleven had marked drops in their cholesterol and triglyceride levels. And in eight cases, blood glucose levels dropped significantly. Conte noted, “It is reasonable to conclude that Citrin plus chromium picolinate in the doses used in this study and in combination with an appropriate diet and exercise plan can facilitate weight loss.”

And that weight loss is often dramatic. Writing in Medical Hypotheses, one medical researcher who personally tried HCA noted: “As little as one gram before each meal was extremely effective in reducing my own appetite and weight, and resulted in a definite sustained increase in energy, as well as a weight loss of about one pound per day without dieting.”

What this all confirms is that supplementing with HCA, coupled with gentle lifestyle changes, is a viable method for permanent pound-paring. But that’s not all. There’s more good news about HCA for dieters.

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