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Orange County dentists are guided by the Dental Board of California. Orange County dentists also have the opportunity of joining the California Dental Association and to be a part of the Orange County Dental Society. These different entities help govern, guide and regulate the dental profession in Orange County to ensure that residents in the region receive the best dental care available.

Orange County dentists serve a community of over 3 million residents. There is a wide range of dental professionals that can serve your needs – from the general and family practice dentist to the specialized cosmetic dentist. Orange county dentists can help you get and maintain a bright and healthy smile.

Tips from Orange County Dentists


Do brush your teeth after each meal. Not only is this good for the health of your teeth but it will cut down on the in between snacking and drinking.

Do cut back on staining foods and drinks (like coffee and tea).

Do visit your Orange County dentist every six months. They can clean your teeth, check for any problems and help guide you to a strong healthy smile.

Do learn the correct way to floss and use the procedure at least once a day.

Do choose a healthy diet. What you eat will play a role in the health of your smile.

Do replace your toothbrush every three months or more often if the bristles begin to fray.

Do brush your teeth with soft circular motions. Brushing too hard can be damaging to your gums.

Finding the right Orange County dentist is just the first step toward a healthy smile. You have to do things at home that will maintain and even improve your smile as well as the over all health of your mouth. sponsors Ross H. To find the best

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