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Submitted by: Jesse Jake Vickers

Weddings are one of the most celebrated occasions in life, when two hearts decide to beat as one. As they say, a woman is most beautiful on her wedding day. Couples, naturally, want to capture every special moment to keep memories alive for them to reminisce for the years to come.

Today, media plays a vital role in immortalizing these memories. Couples have gone a step further than the usual videos and pictures. They hire public relations firm to secure media placements for their wedding announcement. By utilizing the power of media, couples feel a different high in seeing their wedding featured on widely watched wedding or lifestyle programs. PR firms are also the agents responsible in appearances of the newly-wed couple in highly respected and widely read publications such as Brides, Inside Weddings, Modern Bride and others.

Public relations practitioners advise couples to find out what their goal is in wanting media mileage. There is a reason behind wanting one. And only then can plans be discussed and laid out. It is easy to work on what needs to be done as the goal has been set.


Without your knowing it, you can have a million ideas on what you want to achieve from this aspect. As part of a public relation s job, they can create hype, talk, or bring out stories in any way you want to. Hence, knowing why you want this is crucial.

Some couples want to be featured for the uniqueness of their ceremony. They want to show the world they are getting married in a submarine or while skydiving.

Often, wedding sponsors initiate media mileage because real weddings are the best publicity for their products. Wedding planners request for coverage to entice future clients because there s nothing like seeing the real ceremony unfolding before your eyes. Couples can request for the same sequences or request for some changes to pattern after their own preferences.

Wedding giveaways sponsors also take an active part in these publicities as it boosts increase in client base effectively. Wedding fans and other cute give away items are given wider coverage.

While planning your wedding, ask your providers like your planner, photographer, or wedding gown designer if they have any plans to request for media publicity and tell them what you think about it. You can even strike a deal with them while at it by requesting for discounts from the prices they quoted in exchange for using your wedding for their publicity.

Beneath it all, you have nothing to lose and more to gain from the move. Imagine seeing your faces gracing the pages of glossy fashionable wedding magazines and widely watched television shows. Wouldn t that thrill you to no end? Plus, you can keep the magazines and record the shows as additional stuff for you to keep memories of a very special occasion in your life. Each wedding is unique and has a story to tell and what is the best way to record this than with all the media coverage that one can avail of.

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