Three Major Effects Of Water Damage In Escondido


Floodwater often causes extensive damage to homes and is often so extreme that it renders houses uninhabitable. The force of floodwater is not typically the main factor in long-term damage experienced by homeowners affected by flooding. It is the lingering water from the aftermath of flooding that usually causes the most damage to a home and its contents. Here is an overview of three of major effects of Water Damage in Escondido.

1. Structural Damage – The most damaging effect that water has on a home after a flood is how it compromises its basic structure. Floodwater has the potential to affect the foundation, walls, floors and roof of a house. Issues such as foundation erosion, sagging floors and ceilings and rotting of wooden support structures all greatly affect the safety of a home. Never enter a building when Water Damage in Escondido compromises its structure. Contact a building inspector for a complete on-site assessment before attempting to reenter the home.

2. Electrical Issues – Floodwater that enters an electrical system often leads to hazards such as fires and possible electrocution. After a flood, always switch off the main electrical circuit to your home until you consult with a professional electrician or flood restoration specialist. The contractor will examine the wiring in the building, and if necessary, repair wires damaged by floodwater. The contractor can also make recommendations on replacing or repairing household appliances for safety after assessing the level of water damage to each one.

3. Bacterial Growth – Moisture left behind by floodwater causes a host of potentially dangerous health issues such as the growth of bacteria. This problem occurs if the overflow of a septic tank or sewer is a contributing factor in the flood damage. Lingering moisture also leads to additional health hazards such as mold, mildew and other airborne allergens.

These are just a few of the main issues homeowners face in the aftermath of Water Damage in Escondido. When flooding affects your home, it is best to begin restoration efforts quickly for the best result. Utilize the services of a qualified flood restoration professional to assess the damage and quickly restore your home to its original state.