What Are Hardwood Floors?

byAlma Abell

There is nothing that adds an air of elegance to your home more than hardwood floors, this elegance cannot be matched by carpeting or tiles. Hardwood floors in Tribeca are often more expensive than carpet or tile but they last for years even in high traffic areas. There are three types of hardwood floors; solid, engineered and impregnated.

The preferred type of hardwood floors for homes with a basement is solid. The planks or slats are laid over the plywood sub-floor which is laid over the flooring joists, this results in a very sturdy floor. Solid hardwood slats are ¾ inch thick and if properly looked after will last a lifetime and look better with age. One of the big benefits of hardwood floors in Tribeca is the fact that they can be refinished when they become marred and they respond well to color change when professionally done. If you are thinking of getting flooring that will last for many years, then solid hardwood flooring is it.


Engineered wood floors are becoming more popular as they are less expensive. The slats of an engineered wood floor are constructed in ply’s similar to plywood, with a surface veneer which is known as the wear layer. If you are going to opt for engineered wood floors make sure that the wear layer is thick, it is this that determines how often it can be refinished. If you are planning for keeping the floor for 10 years or more then get the thickest wear layer available because during that time the floors will need refinishing at least once.

Hardwood flooring that is impregnated with acrylic is often chosen for areas where there will be high traffic such as restaurants, shops, etc. Many people install this hardwood in the entrance area or the playroom where abuse is expected.

There are a number of things to consider when you are choosing hardwood floors in Tribeca; including the room in which they are to be installed, the décor and the expected traffic in the room. It is these issues that will help you pick the color, plank width and type of floor. Very dark or very light hardwoods would not be appropriate for a kitchen due to the visibility of the dirt and damage to the finish.

The best thing to do when selecting your hardwood floors in Tribeca is to meet with a professional who knows best all the pros and cons of the various finishes, woods, style and color.

If you are considering buying hardwood floors in Tribeca you will be wise to consult with a flooring professional. You are invited to visit the showroom of New York Wood Flooring.