What Can Women Expect From Threading Services In Austin Tx?

byAlma Abell

Threading is a method of removing unwanted hair by twisting cotton thread and pulling the hairs from their follicles. Threading can be used in many areas of the face but is most commonly carried out on the eyebrows. If a woman has never gone through Threading Services Austin TX, it can be helpful to know what to expect. This information will help prepare women for having this procedure carried out.

It is a good idea a woman does not wear any makeup, especially eye makeup, on the day of her threading appointment. The treatment can cause the eyes to water which will only smudge the makeup and make a mess. It is also important the eyebrow area is clean and free of moisturizers and other skin products that may prevent the thread from causing enough friction to pull the hair from the follicle.

The process is not overly painful but it can cause some discomfort and strange reactions. Women may find themselves randomly sneezing or experiencing a flood of tears. Before the treatment begins, the therapist will ask what shape the woman wants for her brows. It is important a woman is as specific as possible, especially if she has never had her brows threaded before.

Those with thinner brows will not need a trim after threading but those with thicker brow growth may. Trimming helps to make the eyebrows look much neater and more refined. This can make brows that tend to look unruly look more sculpted.

After the Threading Services Austin TX have been carried out, the woman will be given a handheld mirror so she can check her brows and decide if she is happy or would like more work to be done.

Once the treatment is over, it is normal for the brow area to be a little sensitive and red. Threading can sometimes cause minor irritation but this typically fades quickly. If the irritation does not go away quickly, an ice pack can help the irritation to calm down.

If you are tired of plucking your brows but want them properly shaped, consider Threading Services. Contact Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar in Austin TX today so you can schedule your appointment.