When Should You See Your Dentist In Port Orange, Fl?

byAlma Abell

Most everyone knows seeing the dentist is important. It is imperative to brush and floss your teeth as often as you should. Many dentists recommend their patients brush and floss after each meal, when possible. This prevents any food particles from turning into sticky plaque on your teeth. Along with good oral hygiene habits, it is also important to see your dentist on a regular basis. Most dentists agree patients should be seen for preventative care appointments every six months. This allows the dentist to treat you for any conditions promptly so severe damage and tooth loss do not occur. By seeing your Dentist in Port Orange, FL often, you can keep your smile healthy.

Signs You Need to See the Dentist in Port Orange, FL


While you know you need to see the dentist for preventative care, there are other times you may need to see him or her as well. Knowing the signs to look for can assist you in knowing when to seek care from your dentist so you can have the treatment you need carried out as soon as possible.

Pain is one of the most obvious symptoms people face when they are in need of dental care. Tooth pain can strike acutely or can be prolonged. If you are experiencing tooth pain, you could have a cavity, infection or damage to your tooth. If the pain comes on and does not go away quickly, you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist so the cause can be diagnosed and treated.

Infections can happen with teeth and gums. These infections can be minor, but can also cause major issues with the health of your teeth and gums. Infections can cause pain, swelling and fever and should be treated right away.

If you expererience an injury, you should also be seen right away. Injuries can occur breaks, cracks and other damage to the teeth. If these are corrected promptly, you may be able to avoid tooth loss and further damage.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or need dental services, contact the office of Beville Dental Care. They will happy to make you an appointment so they can care for your smile.