Can Anyone Help Me Recreate A Tesla Ozone Generator? Building A Nikola Tesla Generator

If anyone that knows something about electricity could tell me what kinds of materials I could use to make the ozone generator? And where I could get them? That looks like what is commonly referred to as a Tesla Coil. There is plenty of information available online to build your own.

I’ve put together a Jacobs Ladder, essentially a high voltage arc which will repeatedly climb between two vertical wires. Fun to watch, and creates plenty of ozone, but also very dangerous if misused. A furnace ignition transformer and a pair of welding rods make it an easy project to assemble.


I seriously suggest that you find someone local with safe electrical experience before attempting this yourself without supervision. Honestly the voltages and currents involved will kill you if you make a mistake. Additionally ozone is very toxic and the concentrations generated by this machine can easily overwhelm you so you need someone experienced to teach you how to work safely.

I’m not trying to discourage you from doing this, far from it. I do think that as you have no experience, I suggest you take your time, do more research and get to know local people who can help teach you this stuff. I know how you feel, I started out as a kid totally in awe of this stuff and was very lucky to find a school electronics club with a fantastic electrical engineer who taught me heaps and in reality he probably saved my life. Radio hams are another good bet, try to get involved with them as they deal with high power RF and could teach you a lot.

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