Rebricking The House

By Roger Thompson

No doubt about it – home renovations are expensive! Depending upon the complexity of your renovations, you could be living in a home that’s constantly in a state of disarray until the work is complete.More and more, many people are forgoing “dream” vacations and placing that money into a remodeling plan. Vacations come and go, but upgrades to your home are things you’ll enjoy year-round. Economic advisors agree that an investment in your home through renovation is a wise move.Home renovations are never easy. Depending upon the extent of your required remodeling, the process could quite some time, perhaps even as long as a year.

There are only a couple valid reasons to undertake the task of removing and replacing all the bricks on a home. The quality of the bricks and mortar used in the initial installation and severe damage may prompt the need for replacement. The renovation cost to rebrick house will be dependent on several factors, among them the size of the house, the quality of the brick and who is going to perform the labor. There also parts of the job that can cause damage to other parts of the home, such as window and doorframes as well as soffit and fascia board.


On most brick homes, the bricks are all put in place before all the exterior trim is installed and before the old brick is removed all the trim will need to be removed as well. If the age of the brick is sufficient enough to require replacement, chances are most of the wood will also need replaced, adding to the renovation cost to rebrick house. Additionally, if the home has arched area above doors and windows, that are going to be replaced to maintain the original appearance, it will add to the renovation cost to rebrick house. Arches above doors and windows will add $20 and up for each one, in addition to the cost of the mason work, which can be range from $350 to $450 for each thousand bricks for labor only.

When considering the renovation cost to rebrick house it should also be noted that most contractors will have their masonry crew with which they have worked in the past. However, it is not unusual to allow the homeowner to perform some of the labor work to help save money on the renovation cost to rebrick house. Jobs like mixing mortar and carrying bricks to the masons can offer a slight savings to the cost of the project. Tearing off the old wood or metal trim can also be done by the homeowner, but the work will need to be coordinated with the contractor to insure the area to receive new brick is ready for the bricklayers when they arrive on the job. Part of the renovation cost to rebrick house will also involve digging to the foundation. An exterior brick wall rests on the foundation, made of brick that is wider than a typical wood frame house. The area around the wall will need to be opened wide enough to allow the bricklayers room to move to insure proper installation of the new wall.

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